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ALBES Taxi started its journey in 2019 in the city of Fier, becoming the first and only taxi company in Fier. In 2020 ALBES Taxi opened its branch in the city of Vlora. Trust and appreciation from our customers push us to move forward and offer them an even better service.

Our main focus is comfort during your trip but also fast and transparent service. ALBES Taxi offers cheap prices in the market and the highest quality.

Comfort, safety, and fast travel will not be a problem. ALBES Taxi thinks that all you have to do is trust us. We are just a phone call away and offer services locally, but also nationally.

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Fokusi jone është që tju ofrojmë një shërbim të sigurt, të shpejt dhe komod.
You will no longer have to worry about delays or convenience while traveling, ALBES Taxi thinks for you.


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ALBES Taxi Vlore

ALBES TAXI operates 24/7 in the City of Vlore providing local and national taxi services for private and businesses. It is the first and only taxi company in Vlore. We come everywhere near you, just a call away. Contact now on the phone or on WhatsApp.

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